NEC Showroom Tour

We are happy to announce that we (NEC Corporation) provide a kind of entertainment to 94th Yokohama IETF Meeting Attendee. This is a part of Japanese style hospitality ("O-MO-TE-NA-SHI").

(This is NOT an official IETF event.)

NEC Corporation has a showroom at Shinagawa in Tokyo, called "NEC Innovation World" (

Our showroom is usually open to customers of NEC Corporation only.

As a special treatment, we make our showroom open to any of 94th Yokohama IETF meeting attendee and we invite you to our showroom.

We call this event "NEC Showroom Tour."

This event happens only at November 6 Friday afternoon (after IETF meeting sessions are finished).

If you visit our showroom, you can enjoy our exhibitions that will stimulate your curiosity. We carefully selected exhibitions that you will be interest in. We hope it brings fun time to you.

Our showroom is located at very convenient place to visit. It takes several minutes' walk from Shinagawa station (one of major stations in Tokyo). (See below written detailed access information.) You may visit our showroom on your way back to your home.

This is a kind of casual event. We will not ask you commercial obligation etc. You can simply enjoy this event.

Of course, this is free of charge event. However, acceptable visitor capacity of our showroom is limited. So, please register your information at the following web site.

We cannot provide courtesy transportation method from IETF meeting venue (Yokohama) to our showroom (Shinagawa).

One condition to ask you to attend "NEC Showroom Tour" is to reach our showroom by yourself.

Since Japanese public transportation (train) system is well developed. It is not difficult to move from Yokohama to Shinagawa. We hope this must be good chance to experience Japanese public transportation. :-)

Let us summarize:

what you have to do are:

  1. Visit, and register your information.
  2. Come to our showroom at Shinagawa by yourself before your registered tour starts.

Date, Time and Tours:

November 6, 2015 (Friday)

6 tours are planned.

(Maximum capacity of each tour is 20 people)


NEC Innovation World

7th Fl., Shinagawa East One Tower
16-1, Konan 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, JAPAN

Registration Web site:

Abstract of Selected Exhibitions:

  1. Solutions for Society
  2. Safety and Security
  3. Smart Shopping
  4. Value-Chain Innovation

Access from IETF meeting venue (Yokohama) to our showroom (Shinagawa):

There are various ways to reach Shinagawa from Yokohama.

Here, we show one recommended simple way.

Take a JR Negishi (Kehin-Tohoku) Line train from Sakuragicho station to Shinagawa station.

We hope you can reach Shinagawa station by using web search engines with above keywords "from Sakuragicho station to Shinagawa station ".

Characteristics of this recommended way are:

Sakuragicho station is second nearest station of IETF meeting venue. First nearest one is Minatomirai station. It is possible to come from Minatomirai station. However, we do not recommend to use Minatomirai station, because it requires complex transfer at Yokohama station and takes more costs to reach Shinagawa.

At JR Sakuragicho statin, there are two Lines. One is Negishi (Kehin-Tohoku) Line (blue line-printed train), the other is Yokohama Line (green line-printed train).

Please take a Negishi(Kehin-Tohoku) Line blue line-printed train bound for Yokohama/Tokyo/Ohmiya.

(There is a subway Sakuragicho station. It is different one. Please do not use subway.)

After you reach Shinagawa station, follow map information shown at our showroom web site ( or

Move from Shinagawa station (after NEC showroom tour)

Since Shinagawa station is one of major stations in Tokyo, it is very easy to move from Shinagawa to both Narita and Haneda airports. There are many convenient transportation ways. (You can easily find them from web search engines.)


If you have any questions, please send e-mail to the following e-mail address.


This event is planned and operated by volunteers of NEC Corporation in order to provide a kind of entertainment to 94th Yokohama IETF Meeting Attendee. So, we cannot take any responsibility. Please attend this event on your own risk.